Unbreakable Padlocks and the Big Mistake People Make

Many people who are looking to buy a padlock and search for unbreakable padlocks are disappointed. Either they find a manufacturer or a seller of padlocks who claims they are unbreakable, or they find honest people who decline to offer them unbreakable padlocks. However, many make this mistake and fail. Why, we would not mind betting that some do not even buy a padlock at all, after becoming disappointed and thinking themselves failures.

Here then are the 3 greatest errors that folks make whenever they start with a search for an unbreakable padlock.

First and foremost. Despite the quest to be a good one, it is also unattainable. Most people will tell you that there is no such thing as an unbreakable padlock, and they are right. A truly unbreakable padlock would remain unopened forever, no matter who tried to break the combination, and every conceivable method to break the padlock code or key would be employable, for as long as was necessary.

If this product existed would you be able to even afford such a padlock? So, if you search for an unbreakable padlock, think about what you really want, and we suggest that you redefine your search to something a bit more realistic.

The reason that this is very important is that there is no reason why you should not be able to buy a padlock which, while it will not be completely "unbreakable" it will be hard enough to "break" to prevent your property being stolen . For, while avoiding this issue, you need to be aware that nothing is totally unbreakable.

Secondly, there was a story some years back when the new U-locks for bicycles appeared, which are too thick for bolt cutters to be used on them. That was great until someone found you could pour liquid nitrogen on them, then hit them, and they would shatter. This is sometimes a crucial point because if a thief wants in they will find a way. Cutting with a welders torch, grind through it with a grinder, freeze it, etc. To avoid the bad consequences of this typical mistake you will want to have a little bit more realistic, some would say "down to earth".

Last but not least, you will do probably as well as anyone can, by just buying a good quality Yale type padlock with a short shank, so that it would be hard to get a bolt cutter on it, and hope you catch the scum before They get a chance to rob you.

This problem occurs when there is nobody around to see what the villain is doing. If anyone was able to see what was being done with a whopping great set of bolt-cutters, it would look so suspicious that they would always take a good look at the offender.

So the problem is usually that the thief is able to be confident that nobody will see or hear them, and that being the case the offendor gains the courage to go and do it.

However, it occurs to us that this might be avoided by buying one of the new alarmed padlocks, with a motion detector, which has something like a 110 dB siren which would have been activated as soon as the robber started to use a bolt cutter.

But, please be realistic about the fact that there are no such things as collectively unbreakable padlocks, and insisting on buying one may just lead you to buying from an unscrupulous trader. So instead of insisting on an unbreakable padlock, ask for "the highest possible level of security at a reasonable price" and that way you are much more likely to get the padlock you need.

Truly, the idea of ​​there being "unbreakable padlocks" on sale, anywhere, is an error.

You'll want to very carefully stay away from these types of errors, when buying a padlock, as searching for an "unbreakable padlock". As already explained, the seller would probably also fleece you for a lot of money at the same time. To avoid these mistakes, you could refer to the instructions above for carrying it out properly. You will then be satisfied that you have protected your property.

Source by Steve Evans

Themes to Consider for a Fabulous Hen Party

Themes can add excitement and color to any party. That is why some hens choose to have a set theme for their hen party too. After all, a theme gives the whole group an excuse to dress up especially for that occasion.

Now, for hen party organizers that need ideas, here are some of the more popular hen party themes that a lot of hens have chosen for their own celebration. There are themes that are rather wild and those that will not even require fancy dresses.


The Disco theme will definitely get everyone in the mood to groove that night and dance the night away. Dressing up in 70s fashion can be a lot of fun. All the girls can just wear platform shoes, floral attire, bell bottom pants, and they’re set for a night of disco fiasco.

The whole venue will be very colorful too as one can just add psychedelic colored decorations and a disco ball, of course. A good light and sound system will complete the party’s setup.


Until now, the L-plate theme continues to be one of the most popular hen party themes. That is probably because it is so easy to dress up and set up for this particular theme. The only thing hens actually need are L-plate badges on their outfits. They can practically wear whatever they want.

What’s more, there are a lot of other hen party accessories for this theme. There are head boppers, bride-to-be veil sets, and other accessories that are made for this theme.

Sex and the City

Based on the television show with the same name, this theme is popular among hens that wish to look absolutely gorgeous during their hen night. All of the girls on Sex and the City look stylish and elegant which is why hens can just dress to kill for the party.

Fans of the show will definitely enjoy dressing up as Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, or Charlotte for the night. They just have to take their pick.


Feel like beauty queens for the evening with a sash theme. The theme will just require everyone in the group to wear satin sashes. Usually, the person’s role is printed on the sash. So, the bride-to-be, maid of honor, bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, etc. can have those titles printed on their sashes.

This theme is perfect for those that do not really wish to wear actual costumes for the party. It is a safe choice. Still, the sash theme can be a lot of fun if everyone’s willing to wear them for the evening.

Themed parties are a lot more fun than non-themed parties because it allows everyone to get creative. So, choose a theme and plan for that party!

Source by Dean Gammell

Are You Willing To Bet?

If you won an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, would you do any gambling while you were there? Yes, no, well maybe? When my daughter was maybe 16 or 17 years old (you probably remember that time in your life that you were almost an expert at anything) we took a family vacation to Las Vegas. We walked into Caesar’s Palace and she saw a sports car on top of a group of slot machines. The car was the grand prize to be awarded to the lucky winner on that series of slot machines. She promptly informed Mom and Dad that SHE was going to be that lucky someone.

One roll of quarters and three minutes later she told us, “Gambling sucks.”

Do you consider yourself to be like our daughter and want nothing to do whatsoever with gambling? Are you one of those people who think that you never, ever gamble? Well I hate to tell you this, but the insurance industry and insurance policies are built on a gambling premise.

You will be well served to remember this basic principle: The business of insurance is a bet. Insurance is nothing more than a large company (as is a casino), with a large balance sheet, playing the odds against you… on your health, risk of an accident, storm damage, theft, death or other potentially catastrophic loss. Insurance companies educate themselves in extreme detail on the odds of actually having to pay out money on a claim. From this data, they calculate how much they can charge you based on the possibility that you will file a claim, and they still will be able to make a profit!

When you own any kind of property, whether that property is possessions like furniture, clothing, an automobile or a house, when you purchase an insurance policy you are gambling. You are gambling your money every time you make a monthly premium payment. You are betting the premium amount that you spend that something unfortunate will happen to you.

The insurance company is betting also, they’re just not betting with their own money. Not yet, that is. They are betting with a promise! Their promise is that if you experience a loss, they will spend a little bit of their money to make things right for you. The thing is, the insurance company is like the casino. All the odds are stacked in their favor. They pay large amounts of money to actuaries, specialized number crunchers, to determine the odds of you winning the game (having a covered loss). You see, as far as the insurance industry is concerned, the only way you win as a policyholder is for you to lose and have to file a claim. If you don’t win, you lose (you lose your premium payments). If you do win, you lose (something bad has happened to you). What a great game!

If you don’t lose, you lose your premium money. If you win, the best that you can hope for is to break even by receiving the money that you need for your repairs from your insurance provider. Even then you can’t break even because of a little something known as a deductible. You really can only get to within a deductible of breaking even!

Whether someone wrecks your car, you have a major medical issue, or your house gets damaged, you, the policyholder, have to lose to receive any money from your insurance company. And here’s the real kicker! By using those number-crunchers and their sophisticated software programs, insurance companies know in advance just how likely it is that you will file a claim. If they determine that you are more likely to file, they increase the odds in their favor by forcing you to gamble with more of your money, as in charging you a higher premium.

Isn’t It Fun Playing the Insurance Game?

Insurance is a definite necessity in this day and age. We can’t just run out to the back forty and cut down some trees to rebuild our home. We can’t run down to the nearest auto assembly plant and grab a handful of new car parts to fix our own cars. Just please realize that insurance is a gambling game which is stacked against the policyholder. If you have purchased an insurance policy, and something unforeseen happens to you, don’t feel too bad for the insurance company. They set up the game in their favor and made you a promise. They calculated the odds and set the game up in their favor. They collected their premiums. Now they need to make good on their promise. They promised to take care of you like you deserve (minus your deductible that is).

Here is another thing the insurance company is betting on. They are betting that if something bad does happen to you, you will lack the knowledge required to get everything you are truly entitled to.

Source by Mark L Huey

IT & ERP Consulting: Industry Trends

IT / ERP / MRP consulting industry is currently under the transformation. This process is usually happening and comes in parallel with new economic recovery and change in the business paradigm. We'll try to appeal to historical excursion and give some hints on the future trends. In our case we work with such products as Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, CRM, Navision, Retail Management System (RMS) and cross integrations between them and non-Microsoft products: Oracle, Lotus Notes Domino, Unix & Java platforms: J2EE, EJB , Bea Weblogic, Websphere, etc. Let's look at the history and the current processes:

O Classical Business Consulting. It was flourishing back in 1950th and had two major schools or directions. It was the time when large businesses were trying to deal with the dilemma of growth and efficiency of internal document workflow. If you remember – in that time computers did not exist and everything was recorded on the paper. Plus it was the need to probe and deploy psychological methods of coordinating headquarters personnel: sales, procurement, finance and accounting departments to work in synch with one another under the condition of paper document workflow

O ERP System of 1960th. This was the time of mainframe and first ERP. If you look at the ERP application, it has GL, AP, AR modules – these are classical and could have tracked back to the 19th century. When you automate Sales Order Processing or Purchase Order Processing – this would be something new and each ERP vendor would be doing it as its own invention. ERP Systems implementation faced the challenge of user experience lack in those days – this is why we see large number of flourishing ERP consulting firms in late 1960th and 1970th.

O ERP with rich functionality 1980th & 1990th. Looking back to 1980th – the typical large and midsize corporation had similarly similar business processes in Sales, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, Logistics, Shipping & Receiving, Manufacturing, Accounting and Finance departments. When we talk about similarity – we are comparing it to the diversity of late 1990th and 2000th when a lot of new companies grew up and went public. The market conditions of 1980th and early 1990th made it feasible to design the systems with rich functionality. From the ERP side we would name: SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards. These systems cost several hundred thousand dollars in software licenses and the implementation of the system requires a comparable budget.

O Business Models Diversification 2000th. If you look at the dot-com boom of late 1990th – you will see that these companies tried to invent their own way of business processes to automate serving their unique business offer to the potential clientele, usually related to the new opportunities of internet marketing & Sales. In the case of these new public (plus small & micro cap) rapid growing companies – business processes were in the turbulent change and the deployment of the system with rich functionality (usually with long implementation cycle) would not be the option.

O Customization & Integration. As the alternative – new large and midsize businesses have to deploy standard functionality ERP system (not rich functionality ERP) and consider it as a platform for customization, custom development, reporting and integration. These standard functionality systems are the ERP applications of the middle market: Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Axapta, Accpac, MAS90, etc. In our opinion – future business paradigm makes it non feasible to purchase high-end ERP system for midsize and even large corporation.

Source by Andrew Karasev

Why Do We Gamble?

Let's start with a definition. What is gambling? Gambling is betting on something that may or may not happen in the future. When we gamble, we take a risk, choose an uncertain outcome, and bet on it. Gamblers bet on casino games, horse racing, and sports where the result can not be predicted with certainty. Some people will bet on anything. Remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer bet on the arrival and departure times of airplanes at a New York City airport?

How is gambling different from buying stocks and bonds? Stocks and bonds are considered investments and not gambles because we can reasonably expect to come out ahead in the long run. They may be risky but not in the same sense as gambling.

How is gambling different from buying insurance? When we buy insurance, we are betting on something that may or may not happen in the future. We do not want to take the risk that it will happen, so we pay someone else (the insurance company) to take the risk for us. When we buy homeowner's insurance, for example, we are betting our house will burn down and the insurance company is betting it will not. (Of course we hope we will not win this bet.) This is not gambling because the risk can be calculated. The insurance company uses all kinds of statistics to analyze the probability of our house burning down and fixes the premium we will pay accordingly.

People have gambled since ancient times. However, society never approved of it because it was labeled an attempt to get money without working for it. Society believed that hard work should pave the way to financial success. It was not until the late 1960s that states (except for Nevada which had legalized all forms of gambling earlier) started to run lotteries to raise money for goodwill causes.

So why do we gamble even though we are illegally to win in the long run? We gamble for the exclusion of the uncertain exit. Some gamble to try to make their financial dreams come true. Some people gamble for entertainment or enjoyment, such as a night out with friends at the casino or a bingo game for a charitable organization or a lottery ticket. Some think they can beat the odds and make a living out of gambling. There are people who gamble because they simply love the challenge. They look at gambling as a game of skill or problem solving and they are sure they can win. Some like the environment or the thrill of a possible big win, or the adrenaline rush of taking a chance. Casinos allow us to socialize and pass some time. There are no clocks in a casino; We lose track of time; We forget all our troubles. It's like a therapy session! If we are timid, we can go to a casino and boldly take chances.

Occasional gambling may be a relaxing form of entertainment but be careful not to get addedicted. Addiction may lead to obsession. You may lose control and become so fanatical that you can ruin you life or suffer other catastrophic consequences. So if you gamble, be sure to set limits and keep to the limits you have set.

For more information about casino gambling visit my website .

Source by Joseph Starr

Creating Excel Spreadsheet Formula Tutorial

Formula Basics

Formulas in Microsoft Excel begin with an equal sign. The equal sign tells Excel that the succeeding characters sentence a formula. If you do not enter the equal sign, Excel will treat your entry as text and the calculation will fail.

To show how formulas work, we'll begin with a simple exercise by selecting blank cell A1. Then type = 5 + 5, and press Enter. Excel performs the calculation and produces a result of 10 in cell A1.

Notice the formula bar shows the formula you just typed. What appears in the cell is the result; What appears in the formula bar is the underlying value, which is a formula in this case.

Excel Order of Calculations

When performing calculations in a formula, Excel follows certain rules of precedence:

Excel calculates expressions within parentheses first.

Excel calculates multiplication and division before addition and subtraction.

Excel calculates consecutive operators with the same level of precedent from left to right.

For example, the formula = 10 + 10 * 2 gives a result of 30 as Excel multiplies 10 by 2 and then adds 10. However, the formula = (10 + 10) * 2 results a result of 40. This is because Excel calculates The expression (10 + 10) within the parentheses first. It then multiplies by 2.

If you are unsure of the order in which Excel calculates, use parentheses – even if the parentheses are not necessary. Parentheses also make your formulas easier to read.

Referencing Cells in Formulas

You can include or reference other cells in a formula. When you do so, the result of the formula depends on the values ​​in the referred cells and changes automatically when the values ​​in the refereed cells change. This is extremely powerful in what-if scenarios.

To see how this works, enter 10 in cell A1. Now select cell A2 and type = A1 * 2. The value in cell A2 is 20. If you change the value in cell A1 from 10 to any value, the value in cell A2 will also change. Cell references are especially helpful when you create complex formulas, or conduct what-if analysis.

To reference cells in your formula you can select them with your pointer rather than having to type. For example, to enter a formula in cell A1 that references cells A2 and A3, do the following:

  • Select cell A1, and type an equal sign.
  • Click cell A2, and type a plus sign.
  • Click cell A3, and press Enter.

The active cell does not have to be visible in the current window for you to enter a value in that cell. You can reference cells any where; In existing worksheet, another worksheet or even cells in other workbooks. You simply scroll through the worksheet without changing the active cell and click cells in remote areas of your worksheet, in other worksheets, or in other workbooks, as you build a formula. The formula bar displays the contents of the active cell, no matter which area of ​​the worksheet is currently visible.

Relative, Absolute, and Mixed References

Relative references refer to cells by their position in relation to the cell that contains the formula. A relative reference to cell A1, for example, looks like this: = A1.

Absolute references refer to cells by their fixed position in the worksheet. An absolute reference to cell A1 looks like this: = $ A $ 1.

A mixed reference contains a relative reference and an absolute reference. A mixed reference to cell A1, for example, looks like this: = $ A1 or = A $ 1.

If the dollar sign precedes only the letter such as $ A1, the column A is absolute, and the row 1 is relative. If the dollar sign precedes only the number such as A $ 1, the column A is relative, and the row 1 is absolute.

Absolute and mixed references are important when you begin copying formulas from one location to another. When you copy and paste, relative references adjust automatically, while absolute references do not. This means if you copy this formula = B $ 1 + $ B2 from cell A1 to B2. In cell B2, the formula would adjust to = B $ 1 + $ B3.

You can change reference types by pressing F4. The following steps show how:

1. Select cell A1, and type = B1 + B2 (but do not press Enter).

2. Move the cursor near B1 and press F4 once. The formula becomes = $ B $ 1 + B2. Move the cursor near B2 and press F4 once. The formula becomes = B1 + $ B $ 2.

3. Press F4 again on either B1 or B2 to change the reference to mixed; Relative column and absolute row.

4. Press F4 again to reverse the mixed reference; Absolute column and relative row.

5. Press F4 again to return to the original relative reference.

Relative reference is the default. If you want to make a reference mixed or absolute, use F4 to do so.

References to Other Worksheets

You can refer to cells in other worksheets within the same workbook just as easily as you refer to cells in the same worksheet. For example, to enter a reference to cell A2 in Sheet2 into cell A1 in Sheet1, do this:

1. Select cell A1 in Sheet1, and type an equal sign.

2. Click the Sheet2 tab.

3. Click cell A2, and then press Enter.

After you press Enter, Sheet1 is now active. Select cell A2, and you will see that it contains the formula = Sheet2! A2.

The exclusion point separates the worksheet portion of the reference from the cell portion.

References to Worksheets in Other Workbooks

You can refer to cells in worksheets in other workbooks in the same way you refer to cells in other worksheets within the same workbook. These references are called external references. For example, to enter a reference to Book2 in Book1, follow these steps:

1. Create 2 books; Book1 and Book2

2. Select cell A1 in Sheet1 of Book1, and type an equal sign.

3. Switch to Book2. Click to select A2.

4. Press Enter

After you press enter, your formula should be = [Book2] Sheet1! $ A $ 2. This reference has 3 parts: The Workbook Book2 in square brackets, the worksheet and the cell. So referencing cells in external books by selecting the workbook, then worksheet, and then the cell you want to reference.

Learn more about Excel spreadsheet at [http://www.tayop.net.au/ExcelTraining/tabid/59/Default.aspx]

Source by Shawn Western

Does Your Fireplace Make Your House Warmer Or Colder

When you see the picture of the perfect American living room in a home, there’s a cozy room with a couch, recliner and a fireplace burning beautifully. People love to sit by the fireplace watching the flames encircling the logs. Not only does the fireplace add warmth but it adds atmosphere. Unfortunately a fireplace in a home is not perfect. There are many issues that make a fireplace very inefficient.

When a fireplace is burning, it radiates warmth into the air around it. But it also creates a current that actually pulls that air out of your room and up through the chimney. So basically warm air is escaping and your fireplace has to work even harder to warm your room. Yes, there is a damper on a chimney that supposedly keeps the inside air from escaping and the outside air from coming in. But most are not constructed very well and the seal around the edges of the damper still allows air to escape.

There are some things you can do to fix this problem. There is a damper that you can buy which is installed at the top of the chimney. This damper acts like a storm door and has a seal so that the air cannot sneak around it. You can get such a product online and you can install it yourself if you’re comfortable going on top of your roof.

Another option you have is to change your wood burning fireplace into a gas fireplace. You can get a gas fireplace insert which can look just like a regular wood burning fireplace. These heaters have artificial logs that look just like they’re burning. Depending on your home construction and budget, you have several options on how to install and vent the fireplace. Most gas fireplaces use propane or natural gas sources. Many homeowners go with this type of change because they get tired of having to keep cut wood around and disposing of the ashes. A gas fireplace eliminates that need.

You can also replace your fireplace with an electric heater. There are portable electric heaters that look just like fireplaces. You can get an electric fireplace heater that has a fan which can very efficiently heat a whole room quickly. Electric heaters are very efficient in the way that they heat a room. 100% of the electricity that is used is turned into heat and put back out into the room.

Another inconvenience is that the fireplace is usually in the room with the thermostat. The room with the fireplace becomes very warm and the thermostat turns off the heat. This makes rooms in the rest of the home cooler because the fireplace is not heating them. This may cause you to look into getting a portable space heater for other rooms in your home.

Source by Stacey Heaton

Current Trends in Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is an evolving field that requires artistic talent, vision, and highly technical expertise.

In the past wedding photography was almost always limited to stiff posses without much regard for the underlying story, emotion, romance, and behind the scene events of the wedding day.

Although there is still a large segment of the wedding industry that practices traditional photography with its preplanned poses, and recreation of the wedding peak events such as the kiss, the ring exchange, etc., the modern wedding couple demands a more contemporary approach to their Wedding day.

Wedding photojournalism has been in vogue for the past decade. The central idea behind it has been the capture of the wedding events without any interference or direction from the wedding photographer. The photographer is there to capture the true essence of the wedding day. As a result of this realistic approach the photographs are a true representation of the wedding day. Hard core wedding journalistic will be totally opposed to placing any wedding related event. If it does not happen during the wedding it will not be recorded. This includes family group photos.

Several photographers offer a hybrid approach to wedding photography, usually a combination of traditional and journalistic wedding photography. In this approach the photographer focuses on documenting the wedding day but the coverage also includes a session with the couple for formal posed or semi-posed photographs and also family group photos.

The latest trend in wedding photography is towards a more fashionable approach. Inspired on high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Glamor, GQ, American Photo, etc., and wedding magazines the photographer seeks to make the couple's fantasies real.
In the fashion wedding photography approach the goal is to make the wedding couple look their best. Their romantic interplay is glamorized to its maximum expression. The everyday couple becomes like wedding celebrities. Attention to detail is required to achieve the perfect look. This approach requires a great deal of artistic talent behind the camera and also great computer image editing skill to produce a unique photo. Half the photo is made on the camera with the second half achieved though digital image editing and manipulation.

Which style is best, is for you to decide. In our experience a big segment of the wedding couples want to capture the reality, details and romance of the wedding day but at the same time they have fantasies about their wedding and the way they should look.

When making a decision for a wedding photographer look closely to the photographer's portfolio and see how it agreements with your philosophy on how your wedding day should be photographed. Regardless of your philosophy please make sure that you select a master of the craft, you and the next generation deserve masterpiece memories of your wedding day.

Source by Juan Carlos Torres

4 Ways to Earn Money Online This 2017 – Result Guaranteed!

If the year 2016 has been rough for you financially, then 2017 is definitely the year to get on your own feet and start earning. But the question is- where to start? Well, here’s the answer that might just change your life.

The Internet can provide you with endless opportunities as far as earning money are concerned. This year, you can expect thousands of new products and business opportunities to enter the market, thus people will constantly look for solutions to whatever problems that may come up. This equates to growing methods and more ways for you to get paid while you do something that you love. So with no further ado, below are the 4 ways that can surprisingly help you earn money online.

4 Ways to Earn Money Online this 2017

1. Be a “YouTuber”

Who doesn’t use YouTube? If you are on YouTube, then you can make the most out of it. If not, then it’s time to let YouTube be a part of your life starting this year.

YouTube has the most diverse content- just like its audience. One reason why it’s been very successful is the fact that the videos we see are actually according to what we like to watch. Yes, YouTube is giving us what we want. It has been estimated that there are 4 billion videos viewed on YouTube everyday! This means that a great opportunity is waiting or you here.

If you decide to be a “YouTuber”, be sure to add revenue by activating ads on the videos your upload. You can also earn through sponsorships. As more and more businesses are looking for effective ways to reach their market and expand the business, they will be more than willing to invest on YouTube creators.

2. Online Surveys

This one is really simple. There are many companies that give away some of their products, while others even give cash in exchange for consumer information. By simply sharing your preferences, you can get paid. In fact, the data that you will be providing them is so valuable that it can greatly affect their overall campaign. So, it’s time for voice to be heard and your thoughts to be put into words while you earn money!

3. Email Marketing

With email marketing, selling products has never been this easy and effective. There’s a so-called email list- a list of emails from people who are or who might be interested to buy a product or to avail of a service. You can even expose your list to another individual’s offer. This means that in every click for their offer or when a sale is made, etc. another business will be paying you for the privilege.

There are so many E-commerce businesses today that utilize email marketing to keep their customers informed and to gain exposure for their products and services. Sounds like a good way to earn money? – It really is!

4. Freelancing

If you need to earn money this year but you’re not that confident with your knowledge, then the Internet is a great place to start. And here’s the reason why I say so.

The Internet is a place where you can learn something new all the time, and as you learn you can earn as well. There are countless jobs that you can apply for online and you can do them while staying at home. Also, you get the freedom to choose whether you want to work full-time or part-time.

Some of the jobs that you can apply for online are: website design, market research, virtual assistant, social media marketer, content writer, customer service, and so many more. You can narrow down your search in accordance to your skills, experience, and interest.

There you have it! These are only the 4 ways that can help you earn money online this year 2017. There are so many more of them that are just waiting for you to discover. Good luck earning money!

Source by Michael C Wong

WoW Gold Farming Tips to Make You Rich

Every World of Warcraft player has one urge that seem to be unquenchable and that is how to make more gold. The game itself provides umpteen opportunities for players and one of the best ways I know of to make more gold is through what is termed wow gold farming. So this article is designed to help those looking to make more gold in wow and provide a few tips to help make you rich.

First get to know the Azerothian holidays.

Inside the game there are periodic holiday and events and many of these are great gold making opportunities. Take for example small eggs. During the rest of the year you can buy these things for next to nothing, I'm talking a few silver a piece. But when winter veil comes around the demand for small eggs goes despite the roof. Just this winter alone I was selling small eggs at upwards of 3g a piece, now that's profit. What can be learned from this, learn to buy low and sell high. In this case you have to willing to sit and hold and wait, but in the end your patience is rewarded.

Learn to work the auction house properly.

This would be an article all on its own and I have written about this topic but let me cover this briefly. Here are a few common mistakes I see players make everyday. For example what benefit is there to throwing up in the auction house 20 of any given item? I'll tell you none. All you are really doing is risking the fact that not all will sell, which costs you gold in auction house listing fees and you risk getting underbid. The key to wow gold farming on the auction house is, know the market, and then play the market.

Let me share with you a real in game example. I was buying these horn of winter glyphs one day as I had noticed that the trend with these on my server was a low end selling price of 16 gold and a high end selling price of 32 gold. Well sure enough some player throws up 20 of these glyphs up all prices under 20 gold. Guess what I did? You bet, I bought every single one of them not knowing that this player was actually online. Within 2 minutes of buying these up I get an in-game pm from this guy thinking he was cocky, saying thanks. I just returned the comment, no thank you.

You see what this player did not understand was, I was now in a position to take advantage of the fact that he broke both rules when it came to the auction house. He listed too many of one item and for too low a buying price. I already knew I could sell these glyphs for 32 gold a piece, so all I did was re-list them at my price, and drve him right out of the market. I could do that because of the huge profit margin. Plus now I'm in a position to dictate when to sell. If I check and I see too many listed for close to what I bought them for, I do not bother selling. Instead I just sit and wait for the market to return to the price where I want to sell at.

Source by Tony Bolton